Kingston LGBT outraged

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Kingston Uni’s LGBT Society are outraged over their lack of funding from KUSU after an annual report showed that they receive almost £5,000 less than some other societies.

Kingston University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) society, who were voted as the country’s No.1 LGBT society, received an allocated budget of £578 this year compared to the cheerleaders who received the most funding with a £5,1999 budget.

Karisa Lundberg, women’s officer and co-president of the LGBT, said: “It frustrates me that the funding gap between them is so gigantic! It is not as though the difference is £100-£200, it’s thousands upon thousands.

“When you’re trying to run an incredibly active society and provide as many opportunities to members as possible it is frustrating knowing you’ve had to not run some potential events due to lack of funds and others are getting three, four, or five times what you do.”

Rhiannon Hiscocks, Vice President Activities, said that when considering the budget it depends on a range of things including the amount of members, what they spent last year as a society and what plans they have to spend their money on in the following year.

The Kingston LGBT was awarded the title of KU’s ‘Most Active Society’ last year and Lundberg has speculated that “there is a fundamental flaw” in the way in which KUSU distribute funding as they have when deciding the budgets they consider how active the society is.

She said that the LGBT have almost 400 members on their mailing list although it is not clear as to how many paid members there are.

Cat Milne, co-president of the Wine Society (who received £1,277 in funding this year) has said that the Wine Society have approximately just 100 members signed up and meet only once a month whereas the LGBT hold meeting every week.

“Last year KUSU did not know how many members (most of the) societies had. In fact, I had to pay for my membership twice, only to still not find myself on the membership list. There is no way to know how many paid members each society had…which formed a large part of the foundation on how much funding (societies receive)”, said Lundberg.

The societies with the highest budget of the 2008/2009 are:

Cheerleading General – £5,199

Islamic Society- £3,400

Dance Society – £2,755

Afro Caribbean Society – £1,756 5

Wine Society – £1,277

Life Drawing – £593

LGBT – £578


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