Christian groups protest over Australia’s same-sex adoption bill

Over 200 people turned up outside Sydney’s New South Wales Parliament House to protest against a bill granting adoption rights to same-sex couples.

The Australian Christian Lobby group urged NSW politicians to reject the bill, which was introduced to parliament in June by Independent MP, Clover Moore. The group said it was a case of ‘social engineering’ that ignored the best interests of children.

David Nutt, NSW director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), said in a statement: “Heterosexual couples who can provide a more complete family environment are already spending years on NSW waiting lists in the hope of adopting a child, with many missing out.

“We strongly urge all NSW parliamentarians to consider what is at stake and reject the same-sex adoption bill.”

Liberal MP, David Clarke, said at the meeting that he believed there was a Green-Labour deal over the issue of gay adoption as Labour would need Green voter preference when the polls open in March next year.

He added that: “Every child, where possible, should have a mother and a father and this legislation is going to deprive many children in the future. This has nothing to do with religion . . . this has to do with morality and the right of the child.”


Click here for the rest of the article on the g3 site


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