Federal appeals court stops order asking US military to accept gay soldiers

A federal appeals court has temporarily stopped an order that asks the US military to accept openly gay soldiers, just days after the Obama administration filed a request asking for them to lift the ban on out gay military personnel.

California-based US District Judge Virginia Phillips ruled last week that the gay ban must be terminated immediately and yesterday she went on to issue a final ruling refusing to stop her order while the government appeals.

However, she was overruled and the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals granted a request by the US government to suspend the lifting of the ban.

According to Associated Press, the Justice Department argued that lifting the ban “would create tremendous uncertainty about the status of service members who may reveal their sexual orientation in reliance on the district court’s decision and injunction”.

The Department went on to say that it will take time and effort in order to develop training and guidance in accordance with the lifting of the ban. It said: “The district court’s injunction does not permit sufficient time for such training to occur, especially for commanders and service members serving in active combat.”

To read the entire article, which is published on the g3 site, please click here


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