Top 10 things to do in London for free

Top 10 Things To Do in London- for free

Ever wished you could explore the city a little bit more, get to realise why so many tourists come here or maybe you just want to find a new appreciation for it? Well look no further than this week’s Top 10. The NXG team have combined their favourite free things to do in London, for the ultimate day out.

  1. Free music- It gets a bit pricey going to concerts and gigs, but at the Southbank centre they are forever putting on events for free (and it does not just stop at music.) Check out the National Theatre’s site ( for upcoming events. Also, HMV on Oxford Street regularly hold signings and free gigs. For more free music events in London-
  2. Street performers– You could quite easily wile away an afternoon by the river side listening to beat-boxers and watching human statues scaring people. At the West Piazza in Covent Garden they have a host of different performers every afternoon.
  3. Borough Market- So it is not strictly free if you want to buy food or drink, but it is free to enter and take a look around. Borough Market is like no other place in the world. The vibe and the smell as you walk through the pathways surrounded by stalls with fresh veg and meat is absolutely mouth-watering. To warm your cockles in these cold autumn months maybe you could try one of the fresh soups or some of the delicious hot cider?
  4. Art Galleries- You may be thinking, “this is not for me”, but seriously give it a go. It is not all about staring at giant portraits of stiff-upper lipped gentlemen from centuries ago. The National Portrait Gallery, the Barbican and the Tate Modern often have great exhibitions on (some free, some not) with everything ranging from photography exhibitions to areas made to look like a red-light district from 1920s Berlin.
  5. Markets- We are thinking more like Camden and Portobello than your local one. You could quite easily spend hours trawling around either market with no pressure to buy anything.
  6. Museums- For when you fancy learning a little bit about the history of, well anything. The Science Museum is a firm favourite.
  7. Riverbank Parties- Wait for the Thames’ tide to come down and the DJ’s to set up their decks.
  8. Film premieres- Leicester Square is full of them. All you have to do is walk around in the evening and wait for the celebrities to roll up. I have seen many premieres (mainly when I was 17 and have nothing better to do than trawl around London Town with my friends) I even hugged Drew Barrymore at the Music and Lyrics premiere- my claim to fame.
  9. Music videos at the o2- You can star in your own music video at the o2. With plenty of props and clothes to dress up in, you can record yourself singing along to a famous song and be superimposed into the video- you can then get it emailed to you and your friends. Definitely worth the trip to Greenwich.
  10. Speaker’s Corner- Every Sunday in Hyde Park (on the corner of Park Lane and Cumberland Gate) it is all about freedom of speech. So go along a join in on a public debate- topics range from religion and politics to stuff that is completely random and off-the-wall.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do in London for free

  1. Great article – this is a great site that I use – not only has listings for everything London, also has the option to filter by Free stuff – and it has a Clash inspired name to boot, which always helps 🙂

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