Rock legends sign up for a concert to kill cancer

An amazing line up of rock geniuses will come together to perform at the first Killing Cancer concert, part of a campaign that hopes to change the way cancer can be treated.

So far, Jeff Beck, The Who, Debbie Harry, Richard Ashcroft and Bryan Adams have been confirmed.

The concert will take place at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on 13 January, raising money for the Killing Cancer charity that funds a fairly new and not very well known therapy that destroys cancer cells with one single treatment.

The photodynamic therapy treatment (PDT) is reported to also stop patients from suffering the emotional and physical trauma that they would with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

PDT works by light combining with a drug that switches off the oxygen reaching the targeted cells. It is considerably cheaper than any of the current cancer treatments on the market.

Legendary promoter, Harvey Goldsmith, and Bill Curbishley, manager of The Who, developed the idea for this concert to raise awareness for the therapy.

Mr Goldsmith said: “I lost my mother to cancer in the past 12 months. I saw how she struggled but finally lost the fight to beat her cancer. People often say that the treatment is worse than the cancer.

“In the PDT trial this concert is funding, we have hope and expectation that we can dramatically improve the survival odds for patients.”


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