Everyone loves an underdog…

Who would have guessed it? Kingston University’s paper won Publication of the Year at the Guardian Student Media Awards 2010. So we’re not slugging away in the newsroom anymore and, unfortunately, it’s the newbies who are cashing in on our ‘fame’ around campus, but it is our year that won it. Hah! I can’t believe it, I am an award winning journalist.

Congrats to the journalism class of  2010, we all deserve a pat on the back.

Publication of the Year

The River – Kingston University (winner)

Student Direct: Mancunion – University of Manchester (runner up)

Reporter of the Year

Camilla Turner – Cherwell, Oxford University (winner)

Girish Gupta – Student Direct: Mancunion, University of Manchester (runner up)

Writer of the Year

James Harker – Manchester Metropolitan University (winner)

Vicky Lane – University of Portsmouth (runner up)

Photographer of the Year

Susan Swindells – Newcastle College (winner)

Portia Webb – University of Brighton (runner up)

Digital Journalist of the Year in association with NME.com

Wil Benton – Kings College London (winner)

Mimi Kempton-Stewart – Oxford University (runner up)

Broadcast Journalist of the Year

Rob Setchell – The University of Sheffield (winner)

Simon Conway – Nottingham Trent University (runner up)


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