Terror Danjah Interview

Exclusive Terror Danjah interview published by UKGrime.com. However due unforseen circumstances it now only appears here.

Terror Danjah is one of the veteran grime producers. He was originally a member of Nasty Crew, before setting up his own label, Aftershock, and later Hardrive. I was lucky enough to get some time with him when interviewing him for UKGrime.com. Below is a brief teaser of the interview. To see more go to ukgrime.com

How would you describe your style?

My style is a mixture of all the music I grew up on from the 80′s to now.

What are the main influences?

Everyday life is plays a big role. Musically people like Afrika Bambaata, Cathy Denis, Herbie Hanncock, Michael Jackson, early Bobby Brown, Eric Prydz, , Roni Size, Shy Fx, all of early Dancehall stuff etc.

How did you get into producing, and why?

I was deejaying in the back in the Jungle Music days, and I wanted my own special. So I started to make my own specials and I started to learn to make tunes from there.

How did you get into the grime genre, and why?

Well I was making the music way before it was called Grime. I came from Jungle/Drum & Bass, so I wasn’t really into Garage. So I kinda made Jungle slowed down at 140bpm.


Could you briefly describe your production process?

I haven’t really got one; I make tunes differently every time I switch on the computer. I’m might start with drums or might start with a melody. It depends.

How have you evolved since Nasty Crew?

Well yeah, I’ve started two record labels, ‘Aftershock’ and more recently ‘Hardrive’! I put a few artists on the map like Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Sadie Ama, Mz Bratt. The list goes on! Plus I’ve had a string of releases on Hyperdub, Planet Mu, Butterz, Hardrive etc.

Do you still keep in touch?

With most of them, I regularly speak to D Double E, Bruza, Mz Bratt, Jammer, HitMan Hyper, & Marcus Nasty.

How did you go about setting up Aftershock?

I set up as a label, to put out tunes from myself and people around. For some made reason, it turned into a crew.

Why did you leave?

My voice was getting less and less important, plus bad decisions where being made without me knowing. So I decided it was time for me to move on.

You’re often compared to Timbaland, how do you feel about that?

I feel strange about it, because I don’t see Timbaland money LOOOOL!

What’s the best collaboration you’ve done so far?

That’s a hard one; it’s out of Elrae & Shola Ama. I love singing music in general. Working with them, I learnt from them.

What artists and producers out there do you admire?

D.O.K, Swindle, Royal T, P Jam, Dj Champion, Baby Face, Bruza, Mz Bratt, Elrae, Maxsta, Shola & Sadie Ama, Dream Mclean, the list can go on lol.

Do you have any regrets or things you would have done differently?

No regrets, it’s got me hear thus far. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you weren’t a grime producer, what would you be?

I couldn’t imagine me doing anything else…

What’s been happening recently?

I’ve had a new album out on Dubsteb well respect & top club deejay Kode 9 ‘Hyperdub’. The album entitled ‘Undeniable’.

I’ve also started my new label ‘Hardrive’ with the first release by D.O.K called ‘Missing Step’ featuring Rinse Fm’s Sir Spyro.

What have you got out right now that the fans can download or buy?

My album ‘Undeniable’ on Hyperdub, 8 track EP ‘Power Grid’ on Planet Mu, 3 track EP ‘Reinforced’ on Dutch label Rwina and I started the year with ‘Bipolar EP’ out on Butterz.

What have you got coming up?

I got a few things in the pipeline, which I can’t say yet, just keep your eyes pealed to www.twitter.com/terrordanjah orwww.twitter.com/HardriveRecords

What advice can you give to any young and aspiring artists or producers?

Don’t listen to no one, even me. Just keep making what you like and when it pops off, it pops off. Make sure you do it for the love and also important to pick a good team (manager, pr, agent, etc)!

How do u feel about all these young artists coming up in the game?

It’s all positive, I love to see new fresh faces. It’s a good indication that the music is working.

What’s been your best experience as a grime producer?

Deejaying around the world to thousands and testing out new material, watching the ravers react to new & old tracks made by myself.

What’s been your worst experience as a grime producer?

MC’s using my production for their mix cd’s and they get shows & sales, and I don’t see a penny.

How can people get in touch with you?

For production, Maurice@Soul2Streets.com , European deejay bookings Michael@CodaAgency.com & for North America carter@windishagency.com

Any last words?

Thanks to everyone that has been involved in my musical career, from wether it’s buying a mp3, interviews, giving me lifts, through to giving me advice. Thanks!


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