Tinie Tempah’s new mixtape

In his quest to break America, Tinie Tempah has teamed up with DJ Whookid to bring us (and the Americans) a brand new mixtape.

The RadioPlanet.tempah micro mix tape Live Base features the amazing Rihanna and Kelly Rowland. It also includes remixes of Rick Ross’s B.M.F and Yellow and Black.

It’s great to see these US artists working with some of the UK’s hottest talent. Not only is Tinie hoping to crack America, but Giggs and Skepta are also out there and Baby Blue has just returned.

You can download the mixtape here: http://usershare.net/pioi79w4r3mk



1.More Black N Yellow

2.Whip It Back N Forth

3. Ayooo!

4. What’s My Name Remix (Rihanna feat Tinie Tempah)

5. Hello

6. G- Six— In It!

7. BMF- UK Remix

8. Power To The UK

9. Invincible (feat Kelly Rowland)

For more information:





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