Ghetts Making Of Invisible

There’s a great buzz surrounding Ghetts’s Invisible track and now something very special has come about- a Making Of video.

For those of you who haven’t heard the track, it’s not just a song; it has a message behind it.

Ghetts is appealing for people to fill in the census. If you’re not quite sure what the census is and why is it so important then you’re exactly the person that Ghetts is trying to get through to with this track.

He is working with the Office for National Statistics in an attempt to encourage young people from a ethnic minority background to step forward and take part in next year’s census.

The track Invisible was written and produced by Ghetts to raise awareness for next years’ census and to encourage more young people to stand up and be counted.

It happens once every 10 years and records who and how many people are living in the UK. The government uses it so that it can allocate resources to the areas that are most in need. It is also used to plan for future schools, houses, youth centre, libraries and hospitals.

The Making Of video is available on YouTube along with the official music video.

You can download the track FOR FREE by going to the ‘download’ tab on the site.

For more information please go to


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