Skepta’s doin’ it again

London-born MC Skepta is back with his highly anticipated third album.

Skepta has teamed up with P Diddy and some of the biggest names in grime to bring us his new album Doin’ It Again that is due to drop next January.

The London born MC, real name Joseph Junior Adenuga, has already released three singles from the album including, Bad Boy, Rescue Me feat Greg, Cross My Heart feat Preeya Kalidas and a remix of P Diddy’s Hello Good Morning will also feature on the album.

This album will give fans a chance to get to know the real Skepta, in an interview with MTV he said: “People are gonna know me when my album comes out. When they listen to it they’re gonna understand me. They’re gonna feel what I feel. I feel like I’ve poured my heart out onto that CD.”

He added: “”I’ve spoken about things that other artists don’t really speak about. Don’t you ever feel like you listen to someone and you don’t know them? I think I’ve said so much on my album that I don’t need to do interviews anymore because people that wanna know anything can just listen to the album.”

The album will be realised in association with All Around The World records and is expected in January 2011

You can download the album on iTunes or in stores/online.

For more information:



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