Chipmunk gets schooled

Chipmunk has got it all going on these days, not only is he trying- and it looks like he is succeeding- to crack America, but he is also encouraging young talent to fulfill their potential and offering some great advice along the way. Damn.

The Def Jam Rapstar: Rhyme Master UK schools competition has come to a close and the winner, 14-year-old, Leah Newcombe from the Chauncy School in Hertfordshire, was announced by none other than the grime star, Chipmunk, himself.

The competition was a nationwide scheme and was sponsored by Def Jam Rapstar and the National Literacy Trust. Its aim is to help young people all over the UK to understand just how importance vocabulary, rhyme and rhythm is when writing- and I think they chose to do that in a pretty cool way.

It would appear that Chipmunk was very impressed with some of the UK’s young talent, he said: “There was a lot of great talent that came through from all over the UK and I was blown away by how good some of the rhymes were.”

Leah’s track was entitled Misfits, check it out here and judge for yourself:

Many years I hurt tryna forget the pain

But there are too many secrets to put to my name

God knows I tried my hardest

Kept tryna draw a blank canvas like an artist

But that canvas always got burned

And there were never new lessons I learnt

I’m the person that’s never been accepted

Too fat,too skinny to remain

See people don’t know my story

Where I come from I try to explain

But they never got time

Never realized that last day could be mine

I gotta stand up to my fears

Gotta look past all them years

Cause I never thought I’d get here

But I know I can get further than this

All I gotta do is look forward and not reminisce

Life is just a game

But no one sees past the money the cars the fame

I think its time we accept each other for who we are

And not brush everyone with the same tar

Cause we never know when our life will end

And we cant just always put on an act and pretend

If we do then people will only know our act

One day you wanna know someone’s got your back

So put your guard down and take down that wall

Including me cause sometimes you gotta fall

To realise your still here

Not for a long time are you gonna disappear

Cause we’re all misfits tryna fit in

But sometimes you just gotta be your own to win

Fitting in is just one big game

The game is make everyone the same
people have to break the boundries

Need to escape the prison walls

That we created we’re living safely

But safety’s outstayed its welcome lately

The competition was open to young people living in the UK between the ages of 12 and 17. Leah won a school visit from Chipmunk, who bestowed upon her valuable musical advice and gave her a hell load of Def Jam treats.

Next year it is reported that Def Jam will be searching for new talent, with entrants being offered the chance to win a record deal with Atlantic Records UK.

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