A Concert For Killing Cancer success

Killing Cancer concert featuring some of the world’s biggest rockstars raised almost £200,000

Last night at the Hammersmith Apollo some of the biggest and most notorious names in rock put on the show of a lifetime and raised almost £200,000 to help beat cancer.

The likes of Debbie Harry, The Who, Jeff Beck and Richard Ashcroft all shared the stage to raise money to fund trials into a lesser-known form of cancer treatment called Photodynamic Therapy.

Now I know you are all thinking that the Verve’s frontman Ashcroft must have played The Drugs Don’t Work, but you’ll be sorely disappointed, he refrained (perhaps for the best) of singing the hit insisting that “the drugs do work in certain places.”

Bryan Adams, sang some of his greatest hits along to an acoustic backing before Jeff Beck tore down the stage with his instrumental version of The Beatles’ A Day in the Life.

My personal highlight of the concert was when Blondie’s frontwoman Debbie Harry took to the stage with some of the band’s biggest and best-loved hits. I swear, even at her age she has still got it.


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