Top 10 bizarrely brilliant TV shows

10. Rastamouse

Based on the books by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza, this looks set to be the coolest new kid’s show on the block. The main character, Rastamouse is a crime-solving, reggae-loving mouse who travels around on a skateboard. As much as this is a child’s programme, I think I’ll be tuning in- first episode on Channel 74 (Freeview) at 4:40pm today. You would be mad to miss it.

9. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Car crash television at it’s best. With lines such as “The Groom has the task of finding and preparing the marital trailer” to one bride exclaiming she wanted to get so “brown” that “all people will see are my eyes and teeth.” From the lurid 20 stones dresses to the traditions and the ‘grabbing’, this show is not to be missed.

8. Bibleman

The second children’s show on the list, Bibleman is an American series, which includes television programmes, books and even live shows. It is much like Spiderman or Superman, except Bibleman does not have any superpowers. All he needs is the love of the lord. Instead of using violence to ‘dispatch’ his enemies and avenge his city, he simply quotes the bible and nags them until they give in. Sometimes however, if that is not enough, he does use his lightsaber. There is even a Biblegirl. What joy.


7. The Littlest Groom

It is kind of like The Bachelor, but instead of it being a tall, dark and handsome rich bloke, it is a vertically-challenged guy called Glen Foster. At 4.5ft tall, Glen has not always had the best luck with woman, but he hopes this show will change it. Join Glen whilst he searches for the perfect woman…


6. Dating In The Dark

It was originally a Dutch reality show, but somehow it managed to hop over to a few other European countries and even America. Hosted by Sarah Harding, it just wreaks of class! The concept behind it is to put a guy and girl together in a pitch-black room and let them get to know each other through touch, sound and smell. Things can get quite uncomfortable and let’s face it; people always look funny in night-vision.


5. Bodyshock

A series of strange and sometimes scary life stories, ranging from murderers (The Man Who Ate His Lover) to real-life giants (I’m Turning In To A Giant). Some of my personal favourites include The Girl With Eight Limbs and The 80-Year-Old Children (which is freaky as hell) Watch them all on 4od and prepare to be amazed.


4. The Sarah Silverman Program

Is there is anyone comedians that make me laugh my butt off it is Sarah Silverman. She is just completely insane. The show is surreal, side-splittingly hilarious, sardonic and it features a few other famous faces. Series one is my favourite, it has everything you need in a show: musical numbers, product-placement, bromance and a spot of animation.


3. Mighty Boosh

“Come with us now, on a journey through time and space to the world of The Mighty Boosh.” It’s a odd, but glorious show that started as a stage show and then a radio programme. The first series featured the unlikely sex symbol, Noel Fielding, and fuddy-duddy, Julian Barratt, as the rather ill-fated zookeepers Vince Noir and Howard Moon. The show follows them on their wonderfully far-fetched adventures and introduces us to the likes of The Hitcher, Montgomery Flange, Crack Fox and Old Gregg.

2. Takeshi’s Castle

One of the bizarrest of all the bizzare game shows from Japan. Contestants compete against each other in games that are quite frankly ludicrous. In one of the games, the object is to make it through a maze without being found by one of the huge semi-naked men who will pick you up, throw you on the ground and smother your face in some sort of suspicious, dark goo. It is all hosted by a wonderful man who is dressed in some sort of Sergeant Pepper outfit. I can only presume he is in fact Takeshi… Perfect late-night viewing.

1. Suburban Shootout

The most quotable show I have ever watched. Like Desperate Housewives gone seriously wrong, this show centres on the feud between two rival ‘housewife gangs’ in the sleepy town of Little Stempington. After Joyce Hazledine and her policeman husband Jeremy move to picturesque, crime-free town the race is on between Camilla Diamond’s gang (the baddies) and Barbara du Prez’s team (the goodies) to get Joyce on her side. A satirical black comedy, it is wry, witty and down right silly. “These ladies are locked and loaded”.

What are you favourite offbeat shows? Get in touch.

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