Must have: Gadgets for March/April

This feature was published in NXG’s March/April issue

Tape express

If you are having a clear out and desperately trying to find some space, this little bad boy will convert your old tapes, straight on to your computer in an mp3 format.


Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

Love your old Polaroid camera, but gutted when they stopped making the film for it? Well now they are back with a new one. The Polaroid 300 is a modern take on the old camera and produces instant, high quality business card size photos.


iPhone iFlash

Probably the only thing wrong with the iPhone is its lack of flash. NXG have a solution for you. Simply attach the iFlash to your phone and voila, let there be light.


Emergency Phone Charger

There is nothing worse than running out of battery and being hours away from home. Fear not, this tiny little phone charger will give you two hours extra battery. It is compatible with iPods too.


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