March/April issue of NXG

Take a look at NXG’s spring issue, featuring interview with Trey Songz, Arnold Oceng, Master Shortie, Terror Danjah and Victoria Atkin.We also have all the latest relationship advice, health and beauty tips, a revision guide and work place dos and don’ts. Make sure you watch out for my articles on fitness, what’s on, how to punk, Terror Danjah interview and the quiz.

Check out the latest issue of NXG Magazine

Alternatively, click here to go straight to Issuu.


5 thoughts on “March/April issue of NXG

  1. Emma Knock you are my hero…i think that your writing speaks to me in soooo many different ways! i wish i had the inspiration and talent that pours from your every orifice…xx

  2. This is a sick magazine! I love the Trey Songz interview. Haven’t seen many interviews with this dude, good job man. I look forward to seeing the next issue, still. I am a wannabe writer, is there any way I can get involved? Ta x

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