Red Nose Day: Where does the money go?

Red Nose Day 2011: Where does the money go?

Last night, one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK raised a record-breaking £74.3million for charity. Yes, that is right, Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day raked in over £70million- the most money they have ever raised- to help make a difference to the lives of thousands of people across Africa and the UK.

Red Nose Day, the nationwide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years, is probably the most high-profile charity event, alongside Children In Need. Yet, as I tuned into BBC1 (and later BBC2, then BBC1 again) and watched comedians and TV presenters making fools of themselves and heartbreaking video clips of families in Africa suffering from AIDS, I could not help but wonder- “Where does all the money go?!”

Early on in the programme, I could almost have sworn that Davina McCall said that 40 per cent of the money went to charity. “Surely that can’t be right? If it is, it definitely is not something they should be shouting about.” So I decided to take it upon myself to find out exactly where the funds go- as fun as is it watching celebs and ordinary folk doing something ‘funny for money’, ultimately it is a day when we should think of those who are not so fortunate as us and dig deep (even £1 deep) into our pockets.

On the Red Nose Day 2011 website, it simply states that: “The money you raise this Red Nose Day will help people living unimaginably tough lives across both the UK and Africa.”

After digging a little deeper I found that Comic Relief “fund work all over the UK to reach the most vulnerable people from all parts of the country.” According to the Red Nose Day 2011 site, they fund numerous projects in London alone, including the likes of NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, Beatbullying, and The Nia Project, which helps sexually exploited and trafficked young people.

They also work with projects focused on helping young people with alcohol problems, young carers, young people who are homeless and young people with mental health problems. It does not just stop with young people, Comic Relief also help eldery people, women seeking refuge and asylum, local communities and career programmes. Click here to find out about the projects in your area, and to see how much of the money we donate, goes to each project:

As well as know, from VT’s by the likes of Esther and her family (, Comic Relief’s work does not stop in the UK, and neither does the money that we give. The people of Africa benefit no end from the money that we give throughout the year and on Red Nose Day. Money goes into building hospital and schools and making sure that people are receiving the medical attention and education that they deserve. Take a look to see how your money has helped hospitals in Africa (appeal from the yummy David Tennant):

Money also goes in building homes and improving the lives of those living in some of Africa’s most deprived slums.

I am also happy to say, that I misheard Davina last night- Comic Relief give 100 per cent of the money raised. So, if you are left in doubt about where exactly the money you donate goes, and for more information on how to get involved, then please check out these links below.


It is not too late to donate:

Quoted from “There are lots of ways you can make your donation; the easiest way is to pay is online here:

You can also pay in using the following methods:

At any bank – Red Nose Day 2011 giro slips will also be available behind the counter at most bank branches from March 14th 2011.

By post – send a cheque or postal order, made payable to: Red Nose Day 2011, to Red Nose Day 2011, Ernst & Young, PO box 51543, London SE1 2UG.

On the phone – use your debit or credit card to make a donation via the Red Nose Day donation line – just call 03457 910 910.*

*Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply.

Post Office/building societies – just ask to pay your money into the Red Nose Day account.”


Some of this year’s RND highlights:

Adele- Someone Like You


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4 thoughts on “Red Nose Day: Where does the money go?

  1. being honest this helped me alot in my assessment no other websites gave me enough infooo 😦 ❤ thanks alot! ❤

  2. I wish I had donated.. but I am too broke. 😦 Nice to know what does happen with the dosh though x

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