Kristen Stewart Rocks

Five reasons why Kristen Stewart rocks (Published:

Kristen Stewart is a little bit like Marmite; a lot of people either despise her or worship the ground she walks on. I fall in to the latter category and I am here to tell you just why I think Kristen Stewart is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

1. She is just a normal girl

Despite being one of the most sought after actresses, she somehow manages to maintain a fairly ‘regular person’ attitude. She does not appear to have let the fame go to her head. Yes people moan that she looks miserable and hates the paparazzi. Well would you if you had to put up with this at the age of 20?

Personally, I feel really bad for her. I know people will argue that she is asking for it because she is famous, but is she? It seems to me she loves acting, but she does not actually want all the fame and invasion of privacy that comes along with it.

I actually feel like shouting “f*ck yeah” when I hear that Kristen has put the finger up at the press. If people just left her alone when she is not promoting a movie, maybe she would not look for unimpressed all the time. Although I have to admit, I like her overall “yeah whatever” attitude.

2. She choose roles that challenge her

NEWSFLASH! She CAN actually act. Perhaps people would find that out if they took the time to watch some of her other films (not just Twilight) before judging her. Although I like Twilight I do not like the character of Bella (in the books also). I think it was a role that Kristen needed to do in order to do gain the following she needed to be offered more challenging and interesting roles.

I was not much of a KStew fan when I first saw her in Twilight (although I had already seen her years before in Panic Room– I cannot say I remembered her performance in it too well). However, when I heard there was going to be a film based on The Runaways and that she was going to be Joan Jett, I just had to see it.

By the time I had finished watching the trailer I was convinced that she was going to be awesome in it, and she was. She channelled Joan perfectly and I was utterly convinced by her…and that is saying some as I am a huge Runaways/Jett fan.

After watching The Runaways, I looked into her back catalogue including films such asAdventurelandSpeak and an independent film called Welcome To The Rileys where she plays a 15-year-old stripper/prostitute, and I resided to the fact that yes; “I AM A KRISTEN STEWART FAN”, and I wear my colours with pride.

3. She has an awkwardness about her

I love the awkwardness! It is nice to see that she is not comfortable when she is doing press stuff as pretty much every other celebrity is so on point at that kind of thing it just seems fake.

I could just imagine that back stage they are dreading going on because they have had a really bad day, but the minute it is time for them to come on they have to force a fake smile. I find it tragic; it reminds me of the end of Cabaret, when Sally has had all this horrific stuff happen to her and behind the curtain she looks so depressed, but then the lights come up and she puts on a brave face and belts out Cabaret.

It makes me laugh when an interviewer asks her something trivial about all the shirtless guys in Twilight and you can tell she is just like, “Oh no, not again.” But then when she is in an interview and they are actually talking about the film, the context and the acting, all of a sudden she has so much to say and is clearly happy saying it. Maybe she is just as annoyed by the ‘dumbing down’ of Hollywood as I am…

And just to prove to you naysayers that I am telling the truth here is happy Kristen:

I love the lip-biting too:

4. She is dedicated to her roles

It would appear that when KStew is doing a role that she really wants to do, she goes above an beyond to get it right. When she starring in The Runaways she actually got her hair cut into the infamous Joan Jett shag, which is not exactly the most current of looks. In addition to get a very seventies (all be it fabulous) mullet, a month before filming, Kristen and the girls actually took the time to record all of the songs so that they could sing along to their own tracks for authenticity’s sake, as opposed to miming along to the actual Runaways songs. Joan Jett on Kristen’s dedication from an interview with MTV:

During the filming, she was playing guitar. We went through it. I showed her the positions that I play — because some guitar players will use different hand positions on the boards — so I showed her how I played it, and she picked it up really well. I’m a lefty, too — not guitar-wise, but in my handwriting. So she switched that up too; she was writing with her left hand. She really, really embodied it…She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art.”

5. She is too cool for school. Not literally

I cannot think of any other celebrity that just screams ‘cool’. She has this great quality that reminds me of all the 70s rock stars from her dress sense (t-shirts with Lou Reed on) to her attitude. I guess I am a little bias because I love that era and it would appear she does too. On that note, if you do too then check out Adventureland. Awesome soundtrack!

If you are not on my page and hate Kristen Stewart (you know the only reason is because you cannot handle Edward and Jacob fawning over her in Twilight) then check out why, according to Maz Khan, she sucks *evil eyes*:

Alternatively if you do agree, feel free to blast ‘TEAM EMMA’ all over Maz’s comment feed.


11 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Rocks

  1. I agree, I think there are lots of young actresses and actors out there that are just as talented. But it is always a personal thing when it comes down to who you like to see on screen.

    I am not suggesting she has a heart of gold 😛 I’m just saying that I can see why she is like that.

    I have to disagree with you when you say “apart from Panic Room Kristen hasn’t done a decent film before twilight”. I urge to to watch the 2004 film Speak at the very least. It is a touching film and her character just blew me away. Likewise I would suggest 2008’s The Yellow Handkerchief, 2005’s Fierce People and especially 2007’s Into The Wild- she is not in it very much, but the film itself is just wonderful.

    So I must say that yes, I do believe I would like her without Twilight, because I would have watched The Runaway (which was apparently in the line-up for both Dakota and Kristen before Twilight) and that is the film that made me realised I thought she was pretty cool.

    “I’m Team Dakota”- I cannot argue with that 🙂


  2. I like her. but it seems you have already handed her a great career and an oscar! i dont know enough to debate properly but kristin is one of many actors her age who are equally as talented with simular qualities. she is awkward and camera shy with paparazi but does that mean she has a heart of gold?
    robert patinson was going to give up acting because he couldnt find another role, he got a lucky break by being gd looking enough for twilight, now hes madly sought after. apart from panic room kristen hasnt done a decent film before twilight mania whos to say she is just as lucky as rob patinson and would you like her this much had she not been in twilight and re-acted this way to paparazi who only want to bother her for the two things that actualy make her interesting(in eyes of media)1:twilight 2:relationship with robert patinson
    im team dakota.

  3. She has her moments I guess… I think it’s a shame she did Twilight because shes so much more than that… the film was only beneficial to Robert and Taylor really.. it didn’t really showcase her acting skills very well. But people should give her a chance and watch her other films… Runaways is the bomb.. love the article !

  4. I must say like I thought she was going to be sh*t in the runaways and I was pissed because I love Joan and then I saw the trailer and she was awesome so now I really love her and I love this and the video links awesome.

    1. I’m glad you like the post. Thanks 🙂

      I know, I kind of felt the same, but then I saw the trailer and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Joan Jett’s little sister much.

  5. She super charges my balls when she sings I Love Playing With Fire in The Runaways…not to mention the after bit.

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