How to: Stay safe at a festival

How to stay safe at a festival

Bedding down in a giant un-lockable canvas bag hardly makes one feel safe when they are going to sleep, and leaving your belongings there all day is not such a comfortable idea either. Emma Knock has a few suggestions on how to keep yourself, and your stuff, safe.

1.    Stay in a group.

Always make sure there is at least one other person with you. It would not be the best idea to sleep in a tent by yourself, so rack your brains, there must be someone you want to share with. At Latitude festival last year there were two separate accounts of rape, so if you are exploring the camp site or the area, make sure you all go together- particularly at night.

This last idea might not be so pleasant, but, if you do need to go to the toilet at night and all of your friends are asleep, then just go outside the tent- chances are someone else will be too and if someone sees you, I would not worry, normal rules do not apply.

2.    Keep your valuables on you or leave them at home

Try and keep the amount of valuables you take with you to a minimum. Although you do not need any entertainment values with you, it is fair enough you might want to listen to music at your tent. So instead of all of you bringing your iPods, make sure only one of you brings one and then all agree to chip in for a new one if it should go missing. Keep it with you at all time- hell even sleep on it to ensure no one has the chance to take it- you could always utilise the locker facilities that most festivals have.

Similarly with phones, it might be an idea to just one of your to bring theirs and you all chip in to the bill or for credit. Alternatively, leave your Smartphone at home and buy a cheap £10 one for the weekend.

3.    Create a meeting point

Losing a member of the group is an absolute nightmare at festivals as it is nigh on impossible to find one person amongst thousands of revellers. The best thing to do to avoid this situation is to agree on a meeting point when you first arrive at the camp site, that way you can track each other down with ease.

Remember, if someone does go missing, do not make them wait, go to the meeting point and grab them, even if it means missing half of Florence and the Machine!

4. Report anything suspicious and be good to thy neighbour

If you do notice something fishy then find a member of staff/security guard and report it immediately. A great way to keep your stuff safe is to get chummy with your neighbours; chances are they might be jamming outside your tent when you are at the arena and vice versa.

If you know who your neighbour is and what they look like, then it would be difficult for someone to break in to their tent without you noticing. If you get to know a few of the groups in the tents around you, then you have got 10+ people watching your tent as opposed to just you. Power in numbers indeed.

Feature from NXG’s festival guide in the May/June issue.


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