Must have: Festival fashion

Featured in NXG‘s May/June issue

Deluxe Waterproof Poncho
It is the only time you can wear a poncho without looking like a complete tool, so make the most of it. An ingenious invention for festivals, not only does it keep you dry, but it also has plenty of pockets to keep your important bits and bobs safe.

Travel Proof Money Belt
I bought one of these years ago and it is actually amazing. It has been everywhere with me; raves, festivals, holidays, house parties. It is a great way to keep your stuff secure, out of the way and away from prying eyes. Do it.

From £1.00
You would be a damned fool to go to a festival without sunglasses. Sunnies are the quintessential festival accessory and perhaps are as essential as the tent. Not only do they protect your eyes from the shining summer sun (fingers crossed), but they also keep you looking hella cool. Go for the standard aviators, some retro specs or go crazy with it- keep them cheap though, because I doubt you will come back with them.

Loud Wellies
From £10.00
Wellies are a guaranteed necessity for festivalgoers in England. Be boring, be loud, just be you. Primark always have a few good designs for cheap, and festivals will always sell them- but for the cheapest bet go online and take a look around. I would recommend eBay, Amazon and

White Straw Corsage Trilby
It’s a must-have item for any outdoor gig, a way to stay on trend whilst keeping the sun out your eyes when you are watching you favourite band. This trilby from TopShop adds a little something extra from your standard hat with a black corsage. Remember- festivals are a time to let your unique fashion shine through.

Yes, not exactly the thing you think you would need during the summer, but come night fall you will thankful you brought them to keep you cosy whilst you sleep. Tents are not renowned for their heating after all.

From £5.00
Likewise to the hoodie, you need to wrap up warm when you are sleeping to prevent yourself getting ill and ruining the rest of the festival. Make sure you bring along an x-large, thick hooded jumper. Check out Primark menswear for something cheap and effective, even if you are a woman.

Daisy Dukes/Short shorts
From £10.00
Whether you are a girl or a boy, the festival is a perfect time to rock our your pins and get yourself a tan, so throw on those cowboy boots and rock out those daisy dukes… ‘short shorts’ if you are a guy. You have never looked better!


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