Must have: Festival gadgets

Freeloader Solar Charger


One thing that really eats up money at a festival is using the charging tents, they can cost anywhere from £5 to £10 to fully charge your phone, and let us face it, we want to be able to take photos and videos and call yours friends and family. The Freeloader Solar Charger will allow you to use the sunlight to charge your phone. Sorted.

Festival survival kit

From £18.99 – £24.95 supplies a choice of three different ‘festival survival kits’ – from the classic to waterproof, bags contain essentials such as tissues, lip balm, sun cream, earplugs, toothpaste, a mini-first aid kit and chewing gum. You cannot go wrong really.

Uni-Com Large Fluorescent Lantern


Ideal for those late-night beers back at the tent, or that treacherous walk to the bathroom in the early hours, and, at £7.20 this lantern is an absolute bargain. Argos, you never fail us. 

Portable BBQ grill


One thing that you really must have when camping is a BBQ, particularly for those ‘morning-after-the-night-befores’ when you are just dying for some bacon and sausages. Go without cooking apparatus and you will find yourself spending approximately £10-£15 on food each day. This BBQ folds up like a briefcase too so you can stash it away in the depths of your tent. Do not forget the fuel tablets.

Kensington FX-500 Portable Speakers


Small, durable and cheap, but with a big sound that is guaranteed to have your tent bopping long after the arena has closed. They are cheap too so you will not have to worry about leaving them in the tent during the day.


From £4.90

It may be kind of gross – not to mention scary looking – but the Shewee is a tried and tested festival lifesaver for us ladies. It is a water repellent plastic funnel that allows women to urinate whilst standing, sitting and without moving clothes. You will never have to miss a band again because you have been queuing for hours. Freud’s theory at its best?

Pocket Shower


There is nothing quite like the queue for the shower and the festival. There is nothing quite like the disappointment when you finally make it to the shower and it is just disgusting. Cut out the queues and bring your own shower. To use the Pocket Shower simply fill it up with water and leave it lying in the sun for a little bit. When it is warm, hang it from a tree, or ask your friend to show it, and hey presto! You can get 10 litres worth of water in there, which lends for a eight and a half minute shower. Get in!

Head Torch


It may be a lazy man’s torch, but it is a pretty sweet way to light your way in the dark. This LED head torch is water resistant and super bright with 12 bulbs. You can choose to use four, eight or 12 bulbs depending on battery power, but because they are LED lights the batteries will last ages. There is even a flashing option to help you rave it up in the dance tents.

Feature from NXG’s festival guide in the May/June issue.


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