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Breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! was started by one young woman who wanted to remind Britain to COP-A-FEEL. Coppafeel!’s creative director Maren Hallenga sits down with NXG’s Emma Knock to discuss the charity and their upcoming Bikin’ For Boobies event.

The charity came about when founder Kristin was diagnosed at the young age of 23. Kristin decided it was time shake up breast cancer awareness and bring it to the forefront of young people’s attention, as they often dismiss it thinking they are too young to be at risk. According to CoppaFeel!’s website: “Right now, mammograms are targeted primarily at the 47 and over population. For women under 47, feeling your boobies is one of the primary ways to ensure early detection.”

How long has CoopaFeel! been about?
The idea formed in April 2009 and we became an official charity in October of that year.

What yearly events do you run?
We take part in Run to the Beat in September in London and the Bath Half in March. We organise a music festival called FestiFeel! in May to kick-start the festival season – this year it’s being co-hosted by Fearne Cotton and Dermot O’Leary and we have Noah and the Whale headlining. We also have Bikin’ for Boobies and throughout the summer we tour music festivals spreading our latest campaign message, which we’ll also be rolling out at universities again this year –


Calling all Boobies, breasts and bosums, it’s time we got personal.
The thing about breast cancer is none of us think it will happen to us, especially if we’re young, but the fact is breast cancer it isn’t ageist, racist, shape-ist or height-ist. That’s why this Summer CoppaFeel! is inviting the ladies of the land to become a little bit more acquainted with their boobs.

Chas and Dave, Thelma and Louise, Pinky and Perky, the first step is to give them a name. Pop along to our pop-up shop at festivals this Summer for some name inspiration, and when you’re ready to share them with the world we’ll create you a pair of wearable tattoo transfers. Then text your mammary monikers to us and we’ll stick them in our Booble (Our Boob Names Bible.) That way we can send you friendly SMS reminders to check your boobs from time to time – ‘How are Morecombe and Wise today?

Name your boobs in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness with CoppaFeel! this Summer. Knowing your boobs could save your life.”

What one-off events have you done in the past?
The Boob Tube – we created the first human boob tube where we had 50 volunteers ride the London tubes, wearing giant boobs. We targeted early morning commuters with our message to get coppin’ and caused quite a stir. We haven’t organised any ‘one-off’ events as a lot of our supporters do that for us.
Tell us about FestiFeel?
FestiFeel! is an all day music event in King’s Cross in London. This year we’ve teamed up with Fearne Cotton and Dermot O’Leary who will be helping to host the event. Acts include Noah and the Whale, Alex Clare, Cloud Control, Norman Jay, Cocknbullkid, The Milk, Daley, The Castells, Cymbals, Little Comets, Charlie Simpson, Kye Sons, Summer Camp, Dub Smugglers DJs, Stop Look Listen. [Also there are] free pies provided by Pieminister!

What public figures/celebrities have been involved with the charity?
Most recently we’ve been supported by Fearne Cotton and Dermot O’Leary as they are our official patrons. Other people that are in support of what we do include Dannii Minogue, Dawn Porter and Lorraine Kelly.

What is next for the charity?
A busy summer! We are touring around eight different festivals and recruiting boob monkeys to come and help us spread the message. Bikin’ for Boobies is our next big event for people to sign up to and we’re encouraging anyone and everyone to join us. Beyond the Summer – world boob domination!

Tell us more about Bikin’ for Boobies?
Following on from the success of last year’s Pedal for Pounds event, CoppaFeel! have launched Bikin’ for Boobies – a fundraising jolly to take place over May bank holiday this year. [It] is a three-day, 130 mile ride from Bude to Land’s End. Both nights are spent at campsites and a celebratory party will welcome the cyclists in at the finish line. Everyone and anyone is welcome to take part and last year we had a whole mixed bag join the team – from people that had never considered sitting on a saddle for more than 10 minutes to people who were born on a saddle! We had the lovely Olympic heptathlete Denise Lewis take part on the final day last year, which also happens to be the fancy dress day!

How can people get involved in Bikin’ for Boobies?
To join the fun, head to or contact Maren if you have any questions.


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