White Noise review


Image sourced from freemovieposters.net

Have you ever had that feeling when your eyes are watery with fatigue and your head is splitting in pain? I have that feeling right now. I’ve just watched White Noise. I use the term ‘watched’ loosely as I may – or may not – have fallen asleep during some of it, and I’m not just saying that for effect.

Directed by Geoffrey Sax who later went on to direct the shockingly bad Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (I’m sensing a theme here), the story focuses on architect Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) whose life takes a turn for the worst when his second-wife Anna (Chandra West) dies in a bad thunderstorm. Rivers is soon after contacted by a guy called Raymond (Ian McNeice) who claims Jonathan’s dead wife has contacted him through EVP. At first skeptical, until things start to get a little freaky at home, he goes to visit Raymond only to find him dead. As a man possessed, Rivers cannot face the thought of losing contact with his wife and takes it upon himself to track her down using EVP. Rather swiftly, he becomes a genius at the craft and starts contacting ghosts willy nilly through his screen, and, after realising the ‘ghosts’ aren’t dead…yet, he starts trying to save them.

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