Your Guide to Nightlife in Ibiza



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Ibiza Nightlife

Probably the undisputed party capital of the world, or in the very least of Europe, young clubbers have been making the annual pilgrimage to the bright lights and super clubs of Ibiza for the best part of four decades. Famous for its 1000+ capacity clubs, great deals on drink and fun, party atmosphere, it is the ultimate club 18-30 holiday destination.

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San Antonio

San Antonio is the hub of Ibiza’s nightlife, with bars, restaurants and clubs lining its main streets. Home to the West End, the place to go for pre-drinks before heading to the super clubs in the area, you are able to indulge in a cocktail whilst enjoying the music that Ibiza is famed for, from techno and house to rock and indie. Fans of alternative music should check out Ground Zero, a great club right in the heart of the West End that offers a completely different side of Ibiza’s nightlife.

Just up from the West End, the Sunset Strip is world famous for its beautiful sunsets and great restaurants. There’s nothing quite like relaxing at Café Mambo with a pitcher of sangria and a plate of tapas.

Top club: Es Paradis is a true Ibiza institution, established in 1975, it is famous for its water parties, which are held twice weekly. Eden is another one of San Antonio’s great clubs and attracts some of the world’s biggest DJs.

Top tip: Many bars will have special offers on drinks so be sure to take advantage of those. Also, keep an eye out for the club promoters in the West End, many of whom give out free entry bands to the big clubs, allowing you to wave the pricey entrance fee.

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Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is pure paradise in the summer whether you are relaxing with a cocktail by the port or sitting outside the bars on the cobbled streets in the centre of town. You are able to find small, relaxed bars as well as ones that pull in big crowds of people who are on a mission to squeeze all they can out of the famous Ibiza nightlife scene. Of course, it is also the home of Pacha, one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza, a highlight to any holiday on the island.

It is also well-known for its gay and lesbian nightlife, with some great gay-friendly bars such as Dome and Tira Palla that attract a really great mixed crowd.

Top tip: Make sure you consider that entry to the super clubs can be between 40 and 80 euros when you are exchanging your money so you don’t find yourselves short whilst you are out there.

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Where To Stay in Ibiza

Central Park Apartments in San Antonio are extremely good value for money and perfect if you are travelling with a group of friends

The Hotel El Puerto is a short walk from Ibiza Town and is the perfect for couples and groups of friends. The rooms are complete with balconies, which are great for drying off your towel after a day at the beach and you are able to go half board in peak months.


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