Rage review

Image sourced from http://bloody-disgusting.com


Written and directed by Chris Witherspoon comes Rage, a low budget, American independent horror film. Set in Portland, it focuses on a man (Rick Crawford) who one morning, after kissing his wife (Audrey Walker) goodbye, heads into town and breaks up with his girlfriend. On his way he has an unintentional run in with a biker (Chris Witherspoon) and spends the rest of the day in a standoff with the motorcyclists. What appears to starts off fairly harmlessly quickly escalates into something that will make you think twice about double crossing someone over a parking space or becoming romantically involved with someone who isn’t quite available ever again.

When I pressed play on the DVD remote, I was instantly surprised at the quality of the film. This is a movie that looks like it has been shot on a much larger budget and with a much more experience crew than it probably was. Each shot is carefully considered and cut and the movie flows seamlessly throughout its entire duration – this is clearly made by someone who has great awareness of not just the horror genre, but film in general.

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