Frailty review


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Bill Paxton is used to being in front of the camera after having worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, from James Cameron to Sam Raimi, but Frailty is the first time we’ve witnessed Paxton’s talent behind the screen.

The plot is mostly told through a series of flashbacks during a conversation between an enigmatic man played by Matthew McConaughey and FBI agent Wesley Doyle portrayed by Powers Boothe, who is investigating a serial killer case. Matthew McConaughey’s character, Fenton, grew up in rural Texas with his father (played by Paxton) and brother. One night the father tells the boys that he has had a vision and God has chosen the family to wipe out the demons that walk on Earth. The father begins to abduct and kill people and whilst Fenton’s younger brother Adam is eager to step in his father’s footsteps, Fenton looks on horrified and eventually comes clean to the authorities. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly go down well and results in chaos.

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