The Unborn review


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The premise, pretty darn scary – whilst Casey Beldon (Odette Annable) is babysitting she has a horrific nightmare about an evil little child and a dog with an upside down head *cue terror*. After figuring out she’s being haunted and doing a little digging she uncovers that she had a twin brother that died in the womb and puts two and two together. She finds a letter from a woman called Sofi Kozma and goes to visit her in a retirement home. It is here that she learns all about the horrific experiments performed on Sofi and her brother during the holocaust and the truth behind the ‘dybbuk’, who is trying to claw his way inside Casey. So where did The Unborn go so wrong?

I have heard many critics and fans call it the worst horror movie ever made, and whilst it’s nowhere near the best, or even the good, I’d still rather watch The Unborn twice daily than White Noise even just one more time, but that’s my own gripe…

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