The Shadow Of Death review


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Last night I settled down to a viewing of independent British slasher, The Shadow of Death. A completely non-budget horror set in the English woodland following Debra (Corinna Jane) and her two housemates Nancy (Sophia Disgrace) and Jamie (Jane West) who have met up with friend Dan and ventured out in to the woods to pick up some weed. Little do they realise that there is a killer out there and their only hope of survival is a ‘local nutter’ who thinks he’s a policeman (Dan Bone).

Written, scored, produced and directed by Gav Chuckie Steel, Shadow is reminiscent of your late 70s and early 80s slashers. The film very much follows the formula laid down for us by the likes of Carpenter and Gav has done a fantastic job at creating a fun and gripping piece that whilst nodding to some of the greatest horrors of all time, manages to remain new and fresh.

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