theFALLEN Bury Your Demons review

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Hailing from York, theFALLEN are a heavy rock band who have recently released their debut album Bury Your Demons.

Together Johnny Fallen (vocals), Richard Reilly (guitar and vocals), James Langley (guitar), Josh Adamson (bass) and Dom White (drums and programming) have produced an absolutely stunning debut that is sure to get the attention of fans and industry folk alike.

We are introduced to the album through a short instrumental piece entitled Ignite The Fire, which is a great pre-cursor to Judgment Day that follows. I was instantly knocked for six over the quality of the track. The production is slick, the musicians are clearly talented and Johnny Fallen’s vocal cut into the music in an almost epic way. A great choice of song to start with as it definitely sets the standard for the rest of the album.

Dirty Little Dead Girl is without a doubt my favourite track and, for me personally, it raised the bar high over the other songs on the debut. It is lyrically great, the chorus is really catchy and I couldn’t help but find myself head banging along (casually, of course) in my living room. Face In The Dirt, which comes just before Dirty Little Dead Girl is equally as catchy, with a great shouty chorus, not to mention some incredible guitar work.

The majority of the album is punchy and what people would mostly describe as heavy rock with awesome songs such as The Harbinger, which has some great riffs and yet again stunning vocals – a song that theFALLEN would no doubt kill the crowd with live. But Bury Your Demons always gives the opportunity for the band to show their ‘softer side’, if you will. Distance is a particularly good example of how versatile theFALLEN can be. It starts off slow with light vocals and soft strumming and keeps building and building until we reach the chorus.

Bury Your Demons bows out with a severely eerie track called De Integro, which has a very different feel to the rest of the album. The introduction to De Integro works hard to build intrigue and whilst at times it is a little repetitive, Johnny Fallen’s vocals cut across very strongly.

A fantastic album for heavy rock fans and, though quite concise at only 10 songs, it is definitely worth checking out.

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Find out more on theFALLEN’s Facebook


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