Spidarlings preview

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY THE HORROR HOTHOUSE REVIEWImage sourced from http://www.spidarlings.com/

Every once in a while we at The Horror Hothouse Review like to look for something a little different in a movie and we have certainly found that in Spidarlings. Or at least we think we have.

From the second I pressed the ‘play’ button on the trailer and a glam drag queen started to sing a little ditty, I knew that I was about to transported in a world of the wonderful and damn right weird – for which I must give my thanks to the creators of British indie horredy The Shadow Of Death who succeeded in making me (and my whole household) fall in love with Sophia Disgrace and thus naturally leading us to the Spidarlings website.

Image sourced from www.spidarlings.com

Spidarlings is a horror musical by Salem Kapsaki and is due out at some point this year. The film is about couple Eden (Sophia Disgrace) and Matila (Rahel Kapsaski) who have fallen on hard times, so much so that they manage to become two years behind on their rent *ouch*. Matilda has a job in a club called Juicy Girls (go figure), which causes a riff with Eden, but they have little other choice considering their financial woes. As if things weren’t bad enough for the star-crossed lovers, a gruesome killer starts picking off the girls at the club one by one, but it’s not all bad – Malita comes into some cash, perhaps not by the most ethical means, and to keep Eden happy she allows her to buy a pet spider called Rainer, but Rainer is no ordinary spider…

To read the article in full and to find out more about the film, please go to The Horror Hothouse Review


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