Labyrinth at Kensington Roof Gardens

My last experience of a rooftop cinema was back in September at the Queen of Hoxton. I went to see American Beauty and as soon as the film started rolling the Heaven’s opened and the rain came gushing down. Converses soaked through, plastic poncho leaking and rain blurring my vision it was soggy popcorn and diluted wine for me. Dispite what you may think, I still had a fabulous time and my spirits were not at all dampened. So, when I went to see the Labyrinth last night at the Kensington Roof Gardens, I was prepared for just about any eventuality – thick hoody, leather boots, umbrella, blanket; you name it. Upon picking up my glass of champagne at the bar and my cheese burger straight off the grill (both included in the ticket price) and settling down on my plush chair underneath a fully heated, glass canopy, it was clear that soggy food just wasn’t going to fly down West.

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One wouldn’t usually expect to find themselves watching a film on a rooftop in the middle of winter, but nevertheless the Rooftop Film Club and The Roof Gardens are back in a bid to help us get through what is surely the most depressing month of the year – and what better cure than the opportunity to sing along to hits such as ‘Magic Dance’ whilst blushing at David Bowie’s obscenely prominent package?

100ft above Kensington High Street, the Rooftop Film Club are running four days of movies from 7th to 10th January. Kicking off with the Labyrinth, directly followed by a screening of Casablanca, it’s a double feature of a new or old ‘classic’ film with every night except for Wednesday 9th.

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This was my second opportunity to see Labyrinth on the big screen (the first was at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square), and the excitement of seeing my idol once again blown up large was only heightened by the fact that he was turning 66 the next day. Tucking into my delicious cheeseburger (complete with a side salad no less) and sipping my champagne I marvelled at just how awesome the set up was. I may have well been inside; a screening at Kensington Roof Gardens has all the perks of a rooftop screening (the atmosphere, the ability to keep up with the movie even if you have to nip to the toilet thanks to your headphones), whilst having all the advantages of being inside (warm, comfy seats, no chance of getting wet etc). It truly was the best of both worlds, not to mention very reasonable – dinner, drink and a movie all for £20!

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The audience was in high spirits, feet tapping, shoulders popping and mouths soundlessly moving along to epic song after epic song, everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time and there wasn’t a single person who left for home in a bad mood. God bless the Rooftop Film Club and, of course, the Goblin King.
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“…Forget about the baby”


Mon 7th Jan, 2013, 6pm. Screening: 7pm

Mon 7th Jan, 2013, 8pm. Screening: 9pm

Tue 8th Jan, 2013, 6pm. Screening: 7pm

Tue 8th Jan, 2013, 8pm. Screening: 9.10pm

Wed 9th Jan, 2013, 6pm. Screening: 7pm
DRIVE (2011)

Thu 10th Jan, 2013, 6pm. Screening: 7pm
TOP GUN (1986)

Thu 10th Jan, 2013, 8pm. Screening: 9.10pm

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For more information on the Rooftop Film Club click here


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