Suspiria review


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This is one film that we at The Horror Hothouse Review have always admired and enjoyed, but it was never amongst the top tier of our favourite and most-watched horrors. When Luke introduced me to the film at the tender age of 16 or so, I absolutely loved it. Subsequently, over the years I have shown it to pretty much all of my friends. Yet somehow it was only this year that this movie that was previously watched very rarely became permanently on the top of our ’To Watch’ pile whenever we were having a movie night. We were settled on the sofa, in the dark, popcorn and sweeties scattered out on the glass coffee table in front of us and Suspiria was blaring loudly from the TV set, lighting up the room in glorious technicolour. That’s where it happened, the spark. The next night we watched it again and then we watched it again shortly after.

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This gem of a film from Italian director Dario Argento is set in Germany. The story focuses on a young American dancer called Suzy (Jessica Harper) who arrives at a grand ballet academy in the middle of a dark, rainy night. Unable to get into the school Suzy comes to the realisation that she will have to spend the night in a hotel and return in the morning; during which time one of the school’s existing students is killed in a chillingly violent attack by an unknown assailant. In the morning Suzy returns and it isn’t long before she starts to figure out that something sinister is afoot at the school.

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