Hammertime with Hanson: Q&A with director of Sledge



Image sourced from anythinghorror.wordpress.com

Independent director and writer Kristian Hanson plugs in with Horror Hothouse’s Emma Knock to talk about his newest film, slasher comedy Sledge.

Sledge is about a killer who thinks he is living inside a movie or a video game. With the story set in a secluded rental camp ground (filmed in upstate New York), each time a group of people arrive our killer Adam Lynch (Kristian Hanson) must scope out whether they deserve to live or die and with each kill he collects the faces of his victims as trophies. Our group consists of funny guy Alex (Dustin Bowman), Sarah (Stephanie Tupper), who Alex is in love with, Nash (Russ Matoes) who is Sarah’s wet blanket of a boyfriend and simpleton Shawn (Travis Hanson) with his girlfriend Michelle (Desiree Holmes). In typical slasher style, their night begins with fun and frivolity, alcohol and sex, but when the sun rises the next day they are picked off one by one in a whole host of gruesome and comedic ways.

Click here to read the full interview published on The Horror Hothouse Review


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