Indemnity Review


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Having won two awards at The Indie Gathering and the Pittsburgh Film Workers Association Film Festival our expectations were set relatively high when we put the screener disc into the disk drive. With a running time of just 50 minutes comes Indemnity, an independent vampire horror written, directed and edited by David Dietz. Short films are notoriously tricky to get right, particularly when on a low budget; you have to grab the audience’s attention immediately and waste absolutely no time in delivering your plot whilst at the same time not overwhelming your audience.

With David Dietz also playing the lead role, the film focuses on a man called William (Dietz) who is on the run from his ex-girlfriend Angela (Crystalann Jones) who has become crazed and is trying to kill him. Taking refuge in a small town bar, he befriends and opens up to bartender Joe (Dan I Radakovich) but when a local man picks a fight with William, we begin to wonder if he really is a helpless victim or if something much more sinister (and supernatural) is afoot.

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