Indie Buzz: The Cabining (2013) review


Image supplied by Steve Kopera
Image supplied by Steve Kopera

Back in May, we first introduced you to this promising horredy. One preview and two interviews later, we finally had the pleasure of watching it for ourselves and let me start by saying, The Cabining was worth the wait.

The plot focuses on Todd and Bruce, a pair of ill-fated screenwriters who, just as everything starts to crumble around them, have been given one last shot by Todd’s wealthy stepfather who promises to fund the entire project if they can write a decent horror script in two weeks. Void of inspiration and with their deadline drawing ever closer, the pair decide to go to a tranquil artist’s retreat. However, Shangri-La proves to be anything but serene as, one by one, the resident artists wind up dead. Bruce tries to convince Todd that their prayers for inspiration have been answered and that they should use their current circumstances to fuel their screenplay, but things soon begin to unravel when Todd starts to suspect that Bruce may be the one behind the murders.

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