Far Out East: Phuket’s Old Town

Join me and Roxy on our adventure far out east in Thailand with Experience Travel.

On the third day of our holiday in Thailand, we’ll be spending the morning zipping through Phuket’s Old Town on e-bikes. I’ve always wanted to take a spin on an e-bike and I absolutely love learning all about a place’s culture and history so this really is my ideal tour.

The three hour tour from Exotissimo Travel will have us riding through Phuket’s historic quarters, exploring the city’s beautiful and unique buildings. During the 19th century, many migrants came to Phuket to work in the tin mines and the Old Town’s Sino-Portuguese houses and shop facades show the strong influence this period had on the city’s architecture. We’ll visit some museums, including the pictorial museum of Thai Hua, which is housed in a former Chinese school, and the Thavorn Museum where we’ll be able to browse through a collection of antiques, from tin toys to typewriters. We’ll also visit Baan Silaprachan, which is home to the family of a former Phuket Governor. The tour will wrap up with a visit to Phuket’s old Chinese shrine and a trip to the downtown market, where we’ll get the chance to taste some new and exciting tropical fruits.

For more information about the tour, click here.

Head to Far Out East with Emma & Roxy to find out about our booking experience and our holiday.

You can also read more about our travels here and on Twitter using #ExpThailand.

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