Far Out East: The Spirit of Phang Nga Bay

Join me and Roxy on our adventure far out east in Thailand with Experience Travel.

This time tomorrow, Roxy and I will be waiting for our taxi to Heathrow. Fast-forward about a day and we’ll be in Phuket, en route to the SALA Phuket Resort & Spa where we shall recover from our long travels in the utmost luxury. And on Valentine’s Day, no less *insert smug smile here*.

The next day, after a breakfast that looks set to be to die for, we’ll be picked up from our hotel and taken to the Yacht Haven Marina pier. Here, we will meet our vessel for the day, the June Bathra. Once aboard the luxury schooner that is rigged with the sails of a traditional junk boat, we will set sail for a cruise of Phang Nga Bay.

Image sourced from asian-oasis.com
Image sourced from asian-oasis.com

Reclining on the deck, we’ll relax in the sun as we take in the gorgeous iconic limestone pillars that the bay is known for. We’ll also visit the famous James Bond Island and, after a refreshing dip in the clear waters of a deserted beach, we’ll take to a long-tail boat and explore the mangrove forests and grottoes as we listen to the chatter of monkeys and exotic birds.

Our final stop will be at the sea gypsy village, after which we will clamber back onto the deck of the June Bahtra for a delicious Thai buffet lunch before enjoying an afternoon of relaxing, sunbathing and swimming.

To book your own Thailand cruise experience, head to the Asian Oasis website.

The route. Map sourced from asian-oasis.com
Map sourced from asian-oasis.com

Head to Far Out East with Emma & Roxy to find out about our booking experience and our holiday.

You can also read more about our travels here and on Twitter using #ExpThailand.

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