Oxjam Brixton Takeover Promo Video

Last weekend Brixton played host to an incredible all-day music event that featured over 50 local artists and raised a whopping £13,000 for charity. Yes, Oxjam’s Brixton Takeover took place last Saturday (19th October 2013) and I had the pleasure of working with the team at Oxjam and InnoCellence’s fantastic motion designer to create this […]

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Chris Bracey at Circus of Soho

London’s Soho has long had an association with bright lights, from neon cocktail glasses on the front of bars to flashing signs down alleyways peddling ‘girls girls girls’, but now there’s one shop that easily stands out from the neon din with a light display so impressive that it could probably light up a whole […]

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Hamlet at the Network Theatre review

From director Jimmy Walters and the Bedouin Shakespeare Company comes this charming, new rendition of the well-known Shakespeare play, Hamlet – all the way from Abu Dhabi. Now normally we would expect London to be sending Shakespeare to other countries after a successful run here in England’s capital, but it is exactly the opposite in […]

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